Legacy Tiles

LiFT’S Legacy Campaign

LiFT Academy and LiFT University serve children and young adults with neurodiversities in our community. Neurodiversities include autism, Down Syndrome, development delays, intellectual disabilities and various learning differences. Each day we touch students lives in a wondrous and exhilarating way by providing accommodations for our very capable students. Many families at LiFT need the support of funds from a scholarship, otherwise they could not attend LiFT.

We invite you to leave a permanent legacy at LiFT by participating in our first legacy tile campaign.

100 tiles are available for purchase to be permanently displayed at LiFT $250 each tile

$1,000 = the average received by each LiFT scholarship recipient

$25,000 campaign goal = 25 LiFT Families Served

Honor a loved one, your business, your family, a student or the memory of someone special.