Graduating Class of 2018!

You will find all the information needed about graduation right here!

Due: Jan. 31

Senior Fee $100

This covers diploma cover, diploma, cap, tassel, rental of gown, and an optional digital copy of graduation announcements.

Due: Jan. 31

Senior Pictures

You may use any photography company, or even do your photos at home. We will need a digital copy (jpeg file) of each Senior by Jan. 31, for the school yearbook.

Due: May. 17

Graduation Luncheon

Due: May , 18


Order on your own or use the LIFT digital file.

Due: May. 17 & 18

Senior Parent Committee

**There is a Graduation committee made up of Junior & Senior parents. The Junior parents assist on May 18 & May 19 so the Senior parents can enjoy the whole event with no worries. This committee will begin to meet in October.