LiFT Academy requires a LiFT royal blue polo shirt for all students K-12. Any student taking PE must also have a LiFT t-shirt.

LiFT Academy Uniforms consist of the following:

Shirts: Royal blue, sunflower yellow, gray, black, or white polo style shirts. LiFT Academy PE t-shirts may be worn on Fridays.

Pants or shorts: Khaki colored. Boys must have shirts tucked in, with a belt. Girls may wear skirts (with shorts underneath), skorts, or Capri pants. Baggy or sagging pants, skinny pants (which are tight or form fitting) are not allowed.

Shorts or Skirts: Hemline should be no shorter than two (2) inches above the knee. Shorts must be worn underneath at all times.

Shoes: Closed in shoes, or open-toed shoes are okay as long as they are secured to the foot by a strap across the back. No combat or steel-toed boots or slippers. Flip-flops and/or flip-flop sandals may be worn on Fridays.

Jackets: Solid gray or blue jackets with a zipper (no pull over sweatshirts) will be allowed to be worn during school hours, when weather permits. Hoods on jackets are to be taken off when indoors.

PE Uniform: All students taking physical education are required to buy a gray LiFT academy PE shirt. Shorts can be either knee length black athletic shorts or khaki shorts. Socks and sneakers are also required for PE.

Field Trips: LiFT Academy students are required to purchase and wear a royal blue LiFT academy polo-shirt.

All clothing should be modest, clean, neat, and free from holes or rips.

Speak with front office staff for more information.