RiSE Awards

RiSE Awards - We Rise by LiFTing Others

The RiSE Awards celebrate inspirational leaders, role models and mentors in the Tampa Bay area. These individuals and businesses are honored for their outstanding contributions and remarkable service to our community. Through their acts of courage, compassion, and commitment, these distinguished citizens RiSE above the status quo to LiFT and inspire others.

RiSE Award Categories


The Rise Award for Courage will be presented to an individual who has displayed perseverance, determination and courage to overcome personal challenges and adversity and most importantly, now serves as a role model to give hope and inspiration to others.


The Rise Award for Compassion will be presented to an individual who’s unselfish, compassionate and dedicated service has made a significant difference in our community. The award recipient inspires and motivates others through advocacy, leadership roles and mobilizing efforts towards a cause.


The Rise Award for Commitment will be presented to a small business and corporation that demonstrates outstanding community commitment through executive/employee involvement, financial support, and volunteerism. By their example, the award recipients inspire and motivate other businesses to take leadership roles in philanthropy and community service.

Two categories for the Commitment Award

Corporation of the Year for Community Commitment

Headquartered in Tampa Bay, the company must have 100+ total employees, but can have fewer than 100 local employees.

Small Business of the Year for Community Commitment

Headquartered in Tampa Bay with fewer than 100 employees